November 16, 2016 Jono Black

One of our original kickstarter backers has been putting his new SPRINGURU lace-ups to the test. Don't try this at home!

Where did the NIKE brand name really come from?

October 17, 2016 Jono Black

In his fascinating memoir, ‘Shoe Dog’, Phil Knight describes where the NIKE brand name came from.  But is there more to the story than meets the eye and were other factors in play? Factors that even Knight and his colleagues weren’t, and perhaps still aren’t, aware of? Here’s what we know already: The business started trading as Blue Ribbon Sports, distributing Japanese running shoes in the US.  Having decided to develop their own range of shoes, the book describes how a manufacturing deadline had put the pressure on the team to finally arrive at a definitive brand name for their...

SPRINGURUs in action

September 07, 2015 Jono Black

We've had some amazing feedback since we launched a few months ago.  People in over 25 different countries around the world are now enjoying the unique 'spring in your step' sensation of their SPRINGURUs. However, this SPRINGURU early adopter has shown what you can really do with a pocket sprung shoe.   Enjoy! Here are a couple of spectacular photos of the very talented Sam Scott in action in his SPRINGURUs. (Probably best not to try this at home!)  

... and so it begins

June 06, 2015 Jono Black

It's been a busy week.  The 20ft container's arrived, we've unloaded lots of boxes and we've been putting the finishing touches to the website. Before we embark on the next exciting stage of our journey, we want to thank our amazing group of kickstarter backers. Without their support we'd never have reached this stage.